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The Berry and Wanda Book Series


Wanda meets Berry

Wanda meets Berry is the first book in the Berry and Wanda series. 

It is aimed to support children up to the age of 7 by showing them the importance of friendship and connection. 

The book is a children's paperback picture book that includes beautiful hand-drawn watercolour illustrations and is written in rhyme. At the end of the book, there is also a mindfulness activity that children can connect with as well as some magic words that they can say to help them when they may be feeling lonely or doubting themselves.

Berry finds his smile

Berry finds his smile - this heartwarming story helps to let children know that it is ok to feel sad sometimes, but with a little time and the support of their loved ones, they will feel better again. The book is aimed to support children up to the age of 7, the same as Wanda meets Berry. The book will be a high-quality children's picture book that is written in rhyme that includes stunning hand-drawn watercolour illustrations. As always with The Berry and Wanda Book Series, there is a mindfulness practice and magic words (affirmations) that they can use to help support and encourage a positive mindset. 


Berry and Wanda's Magical Yule

Berry and Wanda's Magical Yule takes children on a journey into Firefly Forest at Yule Tide. Discovering how Berry and Wanda celebrate the festive season, learning the meanings about the many traditions that we often associate with this time of the year and the changes that are taking place within the season. Bringing a mindful practice about the importance of gratitude, rest, reflection and making magical memories. This jolly rhyming picture book includes the beautifully watercolour illustrated pictures and mindful practices that you have come to expect within The Berry and Wanda book series. As a special this book is also available as part of a Christmas / Yule Eve gift set that includes lots of additional goodies. 

Berry and Wanda go to the Stars

Berry and Wanda go to the Stars is the 4th book in The Berry and Wanda Series. It is a magical bedtime story that includes a routine that parents can either do with their little ones or children themselves while reading the story to calm their nervous system and help them settle for a good night's sleep.


The book has beautiful watercolour illustrations by Julie Dhemiah Meacham, mindfulness practice and affirmation. This book also has links to a recorded meditation, audiobook and more! 

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