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The Berry and Wanda Programme

The Berry & Wanda Programme was created by Laura Wooldridge, brought to life by Julie Dhemiah Meacham and edited and branded by Carly Mills. 

Berry & Wanda first came to Laura in September 2020, and straight away Laura knew there was only one person who could put them to paper. Laura had known Julie since a little girl herself and they had managed to keep in touch. 

When it came to giving the Programme a professional image Carly Mills, another friend of Laura's was excited about the project and came onboard. 

Since then the world of Berry and Wanda has continued to grow. 

We hope that you love them and their stories as much as we have loved creating them and bringing them to life.


Laura Wooldridge

Laura's background is in Holistic/Complementary Therapies specialising in Mom to Be, Baby and Child treatments. Since qualifying as a Holistic Therapist in 2005, Laura continued to grow and develop her skills and knowledge, finding a passion for teaching as well as supporting new parents and their babies with natural practices that can help them to look after their heath and well-being as well as those of their babies and children. 

In 2010 Laura gained her Certificate in Education qualifying her to teach FE, she gained experience teaching in a FE College teaching VTCT qualifications and then branched out in 2013 with her own Training School. 

After offering a range of Baby Massage, Reflexology and Yoga sessions to parents and seeing the positive effect that these techniques have had, and the many parents coming back later saying how much their littles ones still love the techniques, Laura knew there was a way to bring it all together, however it wasn't until 2020 Berry & Wanda came to light, a way to bring together therapies that support babies, children and families on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

Laura's Therapy business is Angel Wood Therapies and Training to which The Berry & Wanda Programme is an extension of. 

Julie Dhemiah Meacham

I am an Energy Artist based in the West Midlands. I provide a wide range of art prints in watercolour and acrylic's as well as specialising in channelled art. I have been painting and drawing since childhood, always wanting to capture the other worldly magick I could see, sense and feel around me.

As an artist I have tried to convey to my audience to look deep into the world the way I see it, if my audience can see, feel and touch the unfolding realties and realise that there are many other energies and other worlds around us, then my mission will be partially completed, they they can journey into my art then my mission is complete. 

Untitled design-5.png
Untitled design-5.png

Carly Mills

Carly is a mom of 2 and graphic designer who specialises in designing graphics for child and education based settings. She is a fan of Yoga, walks and getting creative with her family.

 Her creative flare and experience with creating child focused artwork has been a perfect match for The Berry and Wanda Programme.  She is one half of the company Two Thirds Design. 

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