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Cancellation Policy

Here at Hygieia Complementary Therapies, your custom and support are highly valued, and I hope that, in turn, it reflects in the high level of care, attention and professionalism that I strive to offer all of my clients and learners.


To continue to provide such a service, I do require a 50% booking fee of the total cost of treatments to secure your place and a set amount for workshops and training as a booking fee. This allows me to secure your place, so I don't offer it to anyone else.

My policy on treatment cancellations is that anyone who needs to cancel their treatment within 48 hours will lose their booking fee, or if it is cancelled 24 hours or less (including not turning up for the arranged appointment). The total amount is payable within seven days of their missed appointment.

My policy on anyone who cancels their place on Workshops or Training with less than two weeks' notice will lose their booking fee, or if it is cancelled less than seven days before the workshop or training (including not turning up), then the total amount is payable within seven days of their missed training/workshop. If you have received access to the online learning platform (Learnworlds) and accessed the course content you will also lose you booking fee if you wish to cancel as you will have been able to access the course content and training materials.

Although I do appreciate that unexpected situations can occur. I empathise that it can be disappointing and frustrating; the reason behind the policy is due to both protecting income and preventing people from making bookings that they are not committed to, which I could have offered to others whom I may have turned away and would have liked the appointment/place. As I am sure you can appreciate, to keep my business viable and be able to offer to continue to provide treatments with, Training and Workshops then, unfortunately, the policy is essential and has become a necessity due to the high level of last-minute cancellations and no-shows which has cost up to hundreds of pounds each month, having a massive impact on the ability to provide for my family.

Please note that if outstanding balances are not paid within the stated time, they are liable to incur a late charge of an additional £10 per day from when the fee is deemed overdue. 

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