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Energy Therapies

Energy is everywhere, and everything is made up of vibration/energy, including us. It is well documented that energy interacts with other energy, and so we can use vibration in a balancing capacity to help stimulate a clients naturally healing abilities. There are many different forms of vibrational therapy all of which are powerful in their own way. When choosing an energy therapy it is more about which you feel the most drawn to.



Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses universal energy that the practitioner channels to help restore the energies/vibrations of the client for their highest good. This can be used to help restore balance on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Usui is the traditional form of Reiki. I also offer Angelic Reiki for those who feel more connected to Angelic Vibrations calling in their energies to support and enhance the Reiki. 


Usui Reiki £50 

Angelic Reiki £50 

Reiki Treatment

Crystal Therapy

Using the natural healing vibrations of crystals that have formed in the Earth for thousands of years to help restore and rebalance the energy field and Chakras (energy centres). We have been drawn to using crystals for healing and balancing for thousands of years. We have worn them as protective talismans and ground them into medicines, and still, even now, crystals and their ability to store information and their vibrations are used in most modern technologies. During a treatment, their vibrations have a positive impact on your own energy system. Crystals are placed in various places on and around your body depending on where the energies need to be balanced and what crystals are best to help achieve this. The treatment starts with a short meditation and relaxation, and at the end of the treatment, you will be brought back around with a guided visualisation.



30mins Chakra Balance £40

60mins Full Treatment £60   

Tibetan Acu-Sound Therapies

Using the benefit of acupressure points and the vibrational healing of sound to balance the energy systems. This therapy is a deeply relaxing and non-invasive treatment that helps to balance your energy systems (Chakras and Energy Field). 


45min £50 

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Angel / Tarot Guidance Readings

Angel / Tarot Guidance Readings are a great way to connect with yourself and the energy surrounding you and gain some insight into your life and provide some guidance to help you move forward positively. Card readings are not about fortune telling, nor is it about making your decisions for you. They empower you by encouraging inner reflection based on the energies picked up by the cards.

Mediumship is when the energies of people who have passed come through to pass on messages to the client. This is not typically part of a standard Angel / Tarot Reading; however, if you would like to add mediumship to a reading, there is an option for you to book.


Mini Reading £40 

Full Reading £60 

Reading including Mediumship £60 

Distant Therapies / Readings

Sometimes it can be difficult to arrange face-to-face appointments; the good news is that several therapies and readings can take place from your home via Zoom. When it comes to energy therapies, as energy is everywhere, the intention of channelling the energy to wherever the client is, even if they are across the globe, can still work perfectly well. 

Once you book your appointment, you will be sent a Zoom link that you can connect to. 


Mini Angel / Tarot / Mediumship Reading £40

Angel / Tarot / Mediumship Reading £60 

Usui Reiki £50

Angelic Reiki £50

Crystal Therapy £60

Distant Reflexology £60 

On a Video Call
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