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The Berry and Wanda Programme

Holistic practices for families from pre-conception onwards.
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What is The Berry and Wanda Programme?

The Berry & Wanda Programme was created by Laura Wooldridge and brought to life with illustrations by Julie Dhemiah Meacham and formatted into professional resources and branding by Carly Mills in 2020. All women who are small business owners that were based in Dudley, West Midlands, UK. 

The purpose of The Berry and Wanda Programme is to empower families with well-being knowledge, tools and resources. 

You are never too young to start learning how to support your mental, emotional and spiritual health. With all of the new research and evidence that is arising of how early we are affected by stress, and the potential long term implications simply reinforces the importance and positive impact that The Berry and Wanda Programme can have for families and individuals. 



The Programme is split into 'BirthMind' which focuses on Pre-conception to early Post-Natal Support with a variety of classes and workshops that combine knowledge, with a range of holistic practices and techniques to support your journey and 'Holistic Practices for Children' which include a range of classes, workshops and resources that include children's picture books that support little ones from birth onwards.

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The Berry and Wanda BirthMind Programme

The Berry and Wanda BirthMind Programme offers a range of conception, maternity and post-natal services from workshops, well-being programmes, yoga and more to support you on your parenting journey. 

Gain guidance, support and advice that has been created by Laura who is a qualified Antenatal Teacher, Doula and Pre/Post Natal Holistic Specialist. 

The BirthMind Programme is complied of a collection of workshops, resources and tools that support you at every step of your journey.

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Berry and Wanda Books

The Berry and Wanda Children's Picture books were created to work alongside the various workshops and classes. Bringing story and rhyme into other holistic practice can help to build interest, engagement, fun and more. The stories were such a hit that over time we have made them available in paperback and ebook format so that they can be enjoyed with their mindful messages and some now with their holistic tools that support well-being. 
Enjoy Wanda and Berry's magical adventures that also support mindfulness and emotional well-being. The books are generally  enjoyed by children up to the age of approximately 8 years old and the aim is to encourage reflection and discussion about different emotional topics and are short stories written in rhyme. 
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In-Person Classes

The Berry and Wanda Programme offers a range of  parent and baby/toddler classes for you to connect with other families and support both your little ones and your well-being. 

Baby Story Massage 
Is a 5 week course (1 session per week) which teaches parents/guardians how to provide soothing baby massage, with the added benefit of incorporating rhyming story. 

Baby Story Reflexology 
Is a 5 week course (1 session per week) which teaches parents/guardians how to provide reflexology techniques with each routine supporting growth and development challenges from teething to digestive support. Each routine has the signature benefits of having it's own rhyming story.

Baby Story Yoga 
Is a series of 5 week blocks of yoga sessions that has yoga techniques for your little ones and also parent techniques that are suitable for postpartum and beginners. The baby techniques are supported by the magical rhyming stories of Berry and Wanda with each block of 5 sessions focusing on different areas. 

Move and Groove Sessions
Is a block of 10 weeks and also special event sessions that are suitable for little ones age 2-5 years (and their parents/guardians) which include music, movement, breathing and yoga. These fun and interactive sessions keep your little ones moving and have fun props whilst subtly including wellbeing and mindfulness practices that are engaging and entertaining. 

Tailored School, Library and Childcare setting workshops are also available upon request that include story, mindfulness, yoga, games, activities and crafts.  


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Online Socializing

Online Classes & Resources

The Berry and Wanda Programme has a wealth of resources that are easily assessable, from online classes that support Antenatally and Postnatally to resources that supplement the classes that you may have attended and even resources that enhance the published children's books.

Follow the link below for more information and to access the wealth of resources that include pdf files, printable worksheets and activities, meditations, audiobooks, online classes, workshops and more... 


Follow the link below to purchase paperback copies of the children's picture books, stickers, pin badges, gift box sets, gift vouchers and more. There are bundle options for bulk purchases which is ideal for organisations such as schools, play groups, childcare settings,  libraries, etc.
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Listen to the ramblings of Laura, the creator of The Berry and Wanda Programme and mother. 
You may just find that you can relate more than you were expecting, find some peace, and be able to release some of that pesky parent guilt, after hearing that we all struggle at times, make mistakes and can mostly feel like we don't know what we are doing - even those of us who impart helpful wisdom to others! There's no such thing as a perfect parent and that is not only normal, but perfect in it's own imperfect way! 
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Become a Licensed Berry and Wanda Instructor

Are you passionate about supporting parents and families well-being? Do you want to be in charge of your own work schedule? Do you want the benefits of being self-employed or setting up a larger business but don't want the hassle of having to put together your own business model from scratch or feel like you have to do it all on your own? 

Have you attended some of The Berry and Wanda programme sessions and found that you resonate with the work that we do and support that we offer families and communities? Or have you come across the programme and found that you are keen to get involved and be part of a supportive and passionate organisation? 

Did you know that there are various Licensing options to provide you with all of the training and support to run Berry and Wanda Sessions within a specific area / territory?

Licensees can grow their business on their own time, keeping it just to themselves offering services, or growing their business within their territory/territories to include employees and multiple classes and courses with full support, advice, resources and more all whilst being part of a larger 'family' that want you to succeed, and more importantly, want to help you succeed. 
Keep an eye out for more information or email Laura at: to enquire.

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