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Sometimes, part of our self-care can include attending events or gatherings with like-minded people to build on our personal development or help us come together, be supported and heal. Below is a list of the different offerings that are available with Hygieia Complementary Therapies. 

Summer Festival

New Moon Blessings

Women coming together to build a community of shared wisdom, strength and support. 

Traditionally, the new moon has long been a time when women come together to connect, empower and restore. Now more than ever when it is easy to feel disconnected and alone, we are continuing that tradition. New Moon Blessings are a safe and sacred space where we can connect with like-minded people, tap into our intuition and release the stresses of life for a short while each month. Focusing on the lunar cycles and the energies that are relevant for each month, during each gathering we draw on the lessons and guidance that are there for us to learn. Combining reflection, meditation, breathwork, themed topics, discussions and activities. Ensure you grab a cuppa and a bit of cake (as is tradition of course), settle down and reconnect with yourself and the moon.  

Monthly New Moon Blessing.png

New Moon Blessing Dates

Each session will run from 8 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. on the evening of the session. Each session will either be on the night of the new moon or as close to it as possible so we can tap into the healing and restorative energies of the New Moon. So month to month, the day will change. 

2023 Dates: 

Saturday 14th October 

Sunday 12th November 

Tuesday 12th December

2024 Dates:

Thursday 11th January

Friday 9th February 

Sunday 10th March 

Monday 8th April 

Wednesday 8th May

Thursday 6th June 

Friday 5th July 

Sunday 4th August 

Tuesday 3rd September 

Wednesday 2nd October 

Friday 1st November 

Sunday 1st December 

Monday 30th December 

Investment: £11.11 per session 

Moon Gazing
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