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Online Resources

The Berry and Wanda Programme has a wealth of resources that are easily assessable, from online classes that support Antenatally andPostnatally to resources that supplement the classes that you may have attended or to enhance the published children's books. Follow the links below so you can have a look for yourself and explore more of Berry and Wanda's world. ​

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Berry and Wanda go to the Stars

Berry and Wanda go to the Stars is a bedtime book that uses a variety of holistic practices including yoga, reflexology and more to help calm the nervous system and help settle children for a good nights sleep. Whether you can purchased the paperback copy and are looking to access the resources that are included in your purchase or would prefer a downloadable PDF version and the accompanying resources then this link is for you! 

Resources Include:

* PDF Version of Berry and Wanda go to the Stars

* Audiobook of Berry and Wanda go to the Stars

* A Magical meditation journey

* Printable colouring in pages

* Instructional videos for parents and children

* PDF summary of the techniques to print out 

Resources for Published Books

Did you know that there are resources available for ALL of the published Berry and Wanda Books? 

They include:​​

*PDF Versions of the stories

* Audiobooks

* Printable activities that include colouring pages and more

* Story meditations

So whether you have Wanda meets Berry, Berry finds his smile or Berry and Wanda's Magical Yule, you can enjoy the additional resources for just a small additional cost. Simply follow the link below...

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Baby Story Massage
Quick Soothe Routine

Baby Massage helps to support your little ones growth and development along with promoting bonding and helping to build con parents to build confidence and more. 

The quick soothe routine is a shortened full baby massage routine that is suitable for little ones from birth. Included in this online course is a PDF manual, recorded videos and additional resources so you can enjoy the benefits of baby massage at home.  

The Berry and Wanda BirthMind Programme

The journey to becoming parents can be quite an overwhelming time, with so much going on with lots of information going around.

The Berry and Wanda BirthMind Programme is made up of a range of online workshops and courses to help provide guidance, support and well-being from when you actively decide to try to conceive up until you are holding your little one in your arms and for the first 3 months after.

Each programme is specifically tailored to provide you will fact-based information, well-being practices and ongoing resources to ensure that you are empowered during every step of your journey.

BirthMind Programme Includes:

Mindful Conception

An online programme which overs information about fertility and the scientific process of conception. Covering topics such as an in-depth look at the menstrual cycle, ovulation, sub-fertility with hints and tips that can help to support natural conception. It also includes weekly meditations and yoga practices to help to encourage a positive mindset.

Mindful Pregnancy

During this programme we look at the different stages of pregnancy, what you can expect. Covering your little ones development and more. It is a 28 week course covering from approx. week 5 of your pregnancy journey (when most people discover that they are expecting up until around week 32 of gestation. Each week will provide new information, along with a relaxation practice and a yoga session.

Mindful Birth 

Is an 8 week course suitable from 33 weeks gestation until you give birth. It covers the changes that you are likely to expect similar to the Mindful Pregnancy Programme but adapted to support your changing body and to help prepare you on a mental, emotional and physical level for birth. 

Antenatal Power

Is a 7 week in-depth programme that supports you in learning in more depth about the birthing process, your options and making informed decisions. It covers ways in which you can prepare, options for labouring, tools and techniques that can help support the process, where to look for evidence based information and what to expect for those first few minutes, hours, days and weeks with your little one. This course is recommended from anywhere from 25 weeks gestation to 30 weeks gestation but you can start it at anytime.

Mindful Beginnings

This 12 week programme is all about supporting your new transition into parenthood throughout what is known as the 4th trimester. (The first three months of your babies life earth-side. This includes information on what you can expect, recommendations on ways in which you can ease your transition, mindfulness practices and gentle yoga to aid with healing and recovery. 

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