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It is official I am on Maternity Leave! 

You can still book online trainings and webinars and as part of my 'keeping contact' days I will still be running the online New Moon Blessings which can be found and booked via the Events Page under the Services section of the website. 

Thank you for all of your support and patience, I will be sure to keep you updated!

Laura XxX

Relaxing Massage
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Relax - Rebalance - Renew


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Berry and Wanda go to the Stars

Berry and Wanda go to the Stars is the 4th book in The Berry and Wanda Series. The story follows Wanda and Berry as they take a magical journey to the stars.


This bedtime story includes a routine that parents and children can do to help calm the nervous system and help settle children down for a good night's sleep.


There are also lots of bonuses that come as part of the book, including a recorded meditation, the audiobook and more!



The book is available on its own or as part of a Christmas Eve box with lots of additional goodies to help excited children get ready for a good nights sleep whilst they wait for Santa to arrive. 


From the beginning of training, one of the first things I was taught as a 'Holistic/Complementary Therapist' is that to support someone, I must look at them as a whole, considering health, lifestyle, stress factors and more. 

Although I believe in the effectiveness of therapies, I am also aware that healing comes from within and that a 'wholistic' approach to well-being is needed to heal truly; therapies can only act as a catalyst. With this in mind and my experience working with clients, I have also discovered the benefit of combining my skills with different therapies to target specific ailments can also be really powerful. 

Herbal Treatment

The Berry and Wanda Programme

Parent and Baby-Child Sessions

Do you have a little one and would like to support their well-being and development whilst building your connection and confidence as a parent/guardian? 

Then these sessions are perfect for you! 

Combining over 17 years of Holistic experience with 8 of those specialising in maternity and baby/child therapies. The Berry and Wanda Programme perfectly blends massage, yoga, reflexology and mindfulness through the story to focus each session on specific developmental milestones and challenges. 

The sessions are split into different sessions which are adapted to various age groups so there are sessions that support little one's from birth to pre-school age. 

The sessions are child-led and we provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone who attends. We are also able to accommodate and adapt for any additional reasons. 

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